The official closing ceremony of Duhok International Film Festival took place Wednesday September 16th with well known people from the film industry and other famous people, as well as artists and people from the city of Duhok. The closing ceremony started with the artistic dance performance on Peshmerge and followed by the honoring of actor Ali Beg Selimi who sadly passed away 2013. In his honoring a short film was shown of his professional work as the main actor of the film ‘Letter to the King’ which was one of the competing films in the festival.
The first award to be announced was the award for the Best Kurdish Diaspora film followed by the Yilmaz Guney award for the Best International Feature Film. Two of the award winners dedicated their prices and awards for charity, one of them being the winner of Yilmaz Guney award Kaan Mujdeci who dedicated his award and price to Rojava film production. Feyyaz Dumman, winner of Best Actor award dedicated his price and award to the refugee children of western Kurdistan (north Syria) in Domiz Camp. 
Thereafter the president of the festival Eyub Remezan gave his farewell speech. He thanked the youth volunteers of the festival and their families and returned and dedicated the success of the festival to the kurdish military, Peshmerga.
The speech was followed by the award ceremony with 16 awards to be given, 5 of them to be given to international films.


1. The Yilmaz Guney award for best international feature film goes to “SIVAS” directed by Kaan Müjdeci.
2. The New talent award goes to “THE LESSON” directed by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov.
3. The French institute award for the best International Documentary Film goes to the director Anna Roussillon for her film “I AM THE PEOPLE”.
4. The Best international short film award goes to “THE CHICKEN” by Una Gunjak
5. The Jury Special Mention Award goes to “XENOS” by Mahdi Fleifel

1. The Best kurdish film award goes to “FAREWELL ANALOG” by Hiwa Aminnejad
2. The Special mention award goes to “ONCE UPON A TIME” by Kazim Oz
3. The Best kurdish director award of a feature film goes to Shawkat Amin Korki for his film “MEMORIES ON STONE”
4. The Best kurdish script goes to Hisham Zaman & Mehmet Aktas “LETTER TO THE KING”
5. The Best actress award goes to Feride Gezer & Melek Ulger from “COME TO MY VOICE” directed by Huseyin Karabay
6. The best actor award goes to Feyyaz Duman from “SONG OF MY MOTHER” directed by Erol Mintas.
7. The Goethe institute award for the best Kurdish Documentary Film goes “#73” by Rekesh Shahbaz.
8. The Jury award for Best Kurdish Short film goes to “A LONG NIGHT” by Kamiran Betasi.
9. The Duhok cinema directorate award for the Best Kurdish short film goes to “YOGURT” by Tahsin Ozmen

1. The Duhok City award for the Best Feature-Length Film, filmed in Bahdinan Region, goes to “MEMORIES ON STONE” by Shawkat Amin Korki
2. The Kurdish writer’s association award for the Best Kurdish Diaspora Film goes to “LETTER TO THE KING” by Hisham Zaman.