Do you have love for film? Do you have love for culture and change? We are in need of volunteers to help us prepare for the 5th Duhok International Film Festival, September 9th-16th. Each year, the enthusiasm, commitment and hard work of volunteers enable the Festival to pursue its mission of celebrating peace in this region.

Duhok International Film Festival is the biggest film festival in Kurdistan and all over Iraq. Over these eight days, hundreds of films are shown on more than four screens in Duhok and many activities are held, attended by a large number of audiences, local and international guests. To make this event possible, Duhok IFF works with over 200 volunteers in many different fields.


How to apply as a volunteer?

The application form is now published online. Via the registration form, it is possible to apply as a volunteer for the 5th edition of the festival. We will contact successful candidates that have applied, in order to discuss your preferences and tasks during the festival.

Please click here to apply.


What do we expect from you?

We’re looking for film enthusiasts who enjoy engaging with the public, have a flexible attitude toward their assigned roles, possess strong communication skills, and understand that reliability is crucial to success. You must be 18 years of age or older. All applications will be reviewed, and qualified candidates will be invited to an in-person orientation session.

  • Availability and commitment: As a volunteer we expect you to be available and committed during the entire festival period and work fulltime shifts. Availability in the days before the festival can be a big advantage in the selection process for different positions. Our time management is very sharp, it’s very important for us that you are a morning person, on time and well organized.
  • Language requirements: We expect from volunteers to be multi linguistics and fluent in English both reading and writing. Mastering different Kurdish dialects and accents is an asset, as well as languages for the neighbor countries such as Arabic, Turkish and Persian.
  • Transportation and Stay: As a volunteer you will have to look for your own accommodation during the festival. Possible travelling expenses are not compensated.
  • Skills: Each job position requires different kind of skills, however, personal skills such as being well organized, on time, the ability of working under high pressure and working in a multi-cultural environment are required for all the job positions. Qualified candidates must have strong customer service skills too.

Want to know more about specific positions? We've listed, categorized and explained all the volunteer jobs at the application form page.


What can you expect from us?

The festival cannot happen without the support of all the volunteers, so we are trying our very best to make things as comfortable as possible for all of you. Therefore, we are offering the following:

  • Festival Access: Watching films is free for volunteers; you will get a crew badge with which you can get free tickets for unlimited film screenings and panels.
  • A Unique experience: You will get a unique experience behind the scenes of one of the biggest cultural events in the Kurdistan and Iraq, work in an informal environment with many different people plus you get to enjoy the great atmosphere of the festival.
  • Trainings and Workshops: You will have the opportunity to join different kind of potential trainings and workshops in different fields prior to the festival. We offer on-site training by staff members, some of whom started off as volunteers.
  • Being a part: You will get the official festival t-shirt and other kits. Meals and drinks during your shifts, and of course, invitations to special volunteer receptions and parties.
  • Discounts and special offers: Unfortunately, as we are not able to provide you with sleeping space or refund travelling expenses, we can help in finding the best deals with certain hotels and make discounts as special offers for the festival.
  • Confirmation: You will get an official certificate of participation after the festival provided by our management which you may use as a recognized recommendation in future activities.

Questions? Contact the Volunteer Office at  or +964(0)627649838 for more information.